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SMD chip mounter machine nozzles for Fuji NXT brand

China SMTPLAZA CO.;LIMITED certification
Your Juki nozzle with really good quality, its hard to compare with the original juki nozzle! Good quality, and nice price.

—— Mr. Tanatkarn

Nice service, good price with original item, fast delivery

—— Mr.Allay

Proffessional for technology support, help us on the machine issue. Large stock spare parts.

—— Miss Khoa

The nozzle is still working fine after +-40000 PCB's, thanks.

—— Frits

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Company News
SMD chip mounter machine nozzles for Fuji NXT brand
Latest company news about SMD chip mounter machine nozzles for Fuji NXT brand

SMD chip mounter Fuji NXT nozzles supplier:

1 H08/H12 AA1AT04 Nozzle R07-003-070
2 H08/H12 AA05603 Nozzle R07-004-070
3 H08/H12 AA05703 Nozzle R07-007-070
4 H08/H12 AA05803 Nozzle R07-010-070
5 H08/H12 AA20A03 Nozzle R07-013-070
6 H08/H12 AA20B03 Nozzle R07-018-070
7 H08/H12 AA20C03 Nozzle R07-025-070
8 H08/H12 AA20D03 Nozzle R07-037-070
9 H08/H12 AA20E03 Nozzle R07-050-070
10 H08/H12 AA06404 Nozzle R07-013M-070
11 H08/H12 AA19G04 Nozzle R07-018M-070
12 H08/H12 AA06504 Nozzle R07-025M-070
13 H08/H12 AA0WT05 Nozzle R07-025G-070
14 H08/H12 AA18C02 Nozzle R07-037G-070
15 H08/H12 AA06302 Nozzle R07-050G-070
16 H04 AA06W07 Nozzle R19-010-155
17 H04 AA06X08 Nozzle R19-013-155
18 H04 AA06Y08 Nozzle R19-018-155
19 H04 AA06Z09 Nozzle R19-025-155
20 H04 AA07A09 Nozzle R19-037-155
21 H04 AA07B08 Nozzle R19-050-155
22 H04 AA07C06 Nozzle R19-070-155
23 H04 AA07D05 Nozzle R19-100-155
24 H04 AA07E06 Nozzle R19-150-155
25 H04 AA07F07 Nozzle R19-025G-155
26 H04 AA07G05 Nozzle R19-037G-155
27 H04 AA07H05 Nozzle R19-050G-155
28 H04 AA07K05 Nozzle R19-070G-155
29 H04 AA07L05 Nozzle R19-100G-155
30 H04 AA07M07 Nozzle R19-150G-155
31 H01 AA0AS05 Nozzle R36-010-260
32 H01 AA06807 Nozzle R36-013-260
33 H01 AA0HS02 Nozzle R36-018-260
34 H01 AA0HT02 Nozzle R36-025-260
35 H01 AA0HW02 Nozzle R36-037-260
36 H01 AA0HX02 Nozzle R36-050-260
37 H01 AA08008 Nozzle R36-070-260
38 H01 AA08107 Nozzle R36-100-260
39 H01 AA08207 Nozzle R36-150-260
40 H01 AA08307 Nozzle R36-200-260
41 H01 AA0MZ02 Nozzle R36-013M-260
42 H01 AA11R02 Nozzle R36-018M-260
43 H01 AA0ML03 Nozzle R36-025M-260
44 H01 AA08411 Nozzle R36-025G-260

Nxt H01h02 15 0g Aa07511Nxt H01h02 15 0g Aa07511 1Nxt H01h02 15 0g Aa07511 3

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